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GX Supplements...serious products for serious people. At GX Supplements we have one goal, to produce the best products, with the best results. The GX Supplements lineup consists of dietary supplements for athletic performance enhancement, weight loss, improved workouts, and recovery.

We are always interested in customer feedback. We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can contact us at our e-mail address: info@go-gx.com.

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Why GX...It Works!

  • Our products are not incoherent proprietary blends like most companies. 
  • We list every ingredient and dosage so that our customers can see exactly what they are taking. 
  • We do not rely on media hype and flashy advertising; rather real people use our products with real results. 
  • Every one of our product formulations and performance claims are founded on pure scientific facts and consultation with industry experts.

Upcoming Events

GX will be sampling and selling our great products. Stop by and visit us at the following locations:

  • Europa Get Fit Expo
    Dallas Convention Center
    BOOTH #820
    Dallas, TX: August 16-17, 2013
  • Mr. Olympia
    Las Vegas Convention Center
    BOOTH #
    Las Vegas, NV: September 27-28, 2013